Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never built before, where do I start?
Start by filling out the online form on the Resolute Construction website, with 20 years of experience in the building industry, you can trust Resolute Construction to give you the best advice and to guide you through the entire building process.
At What Stage Do I Involve Resolute Construction?
Get Resolute Construction involved at the start. Simple advice when making critical decisions early on can save you a lot of hassle. Resolute Construction help put you in contact with the right architects and engineers and save you time and money by walking you through a preliminary budget process with plans and pricing in the early stages.
Why is it important that Resolute Construction is a Registered Master Builder?

Registered Master Builders bring high quality skills, qualifications, and experience to create the homes you share and love. To become a Master Builder, certain quality criteria must be met.
Only a Registered Master Builder can offer you the peace of mind of a 10-year Master Build Guarantee.
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Does my builder need to be a Licensed Building Practitioner (LPB)?
Yes. To undertake any restricted building works in New Zealand, you need to be an LBP. The majority of building work (like new builds, renovations and anything requiring a council permit) require this. At Resolute Construction we encourage all our carpenters to become Licenced Building Practitioners. This ensures we remain at the top of our field through constant industry training. This brings surety that your building project will be constructed to the highest standard, by industry leading professionals.
What is Passive House?

Passive House is an approach to achieving healthy and comfortable buildings. It is a clearly defined standard and a quality management system that produces buildings that deliver on all aspects of occupant well-being while consuming very little energy. Resolute Construction builders are certified Passive House tradespersons.
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What are the benefits of Passive House?

Using passive design reduce temperature fluctuations, improve indoor air quality and make a home drier and more enjoyable to live in. It also reduces energy use and environmental impacts
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Resolute Construction provide all of our customers with a Master Builders contract with the choice of a fixed price or cost plus margin pricing structure. A Fixed price means that we give you a fixed sum of what the build will cost. You will then make progress payments at pre-defined stages throughout your build. With Cost plus Margin we give you an estimated sum of what the build will cost. You will then be charged weekly for labour, materials and sub-contractors with a margin added. With either pricing structure, any variations to the plan will be charged as additional expenses but must be agreed by you first.
This is completely up to you. Some of our customers prefer a Fixed price as it gives them more certainty at the start of the build and it helps them plan their payments better. On the other hand, some people prefer Cost plus Margin as it gives them greater transparency with all of the individual costs. Talk to one of the Resolute Construction team about what is better for you.
Will The Construction Site Be Safe and Tidy?
At Resolute Construction, we pride ourselves on our safety record. As members of Hazardco, our Health and Safety policy is clear and precise. We review and update our site safety requirements constantly and our team are always all inducted and trained to minimise risk. The site will be regularly cleaned and maintained in a tidy, safe, and professional manor. It is my personal commitment to ensure ALL Resolute Construction team members, associated contractors and site visitors go home safely to their families every night!